Boudoir Poses

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Boudoir Poses
Sharon Simpson
Boudoir Photographer

To celebrate the upcoming holiday Mother’s Day we thought about some gifts we mums could give ourselves or request from others:-)

So we begin with BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY and we had the pleasure of speaking with Sharon a wonderful boudoir photographer about boudoir photography and the joys of it all.  But be careful, you may just become a boudoir diva in the process!

You probably ask, “What is boudoir photography and artistic photography?” Well Sharon will tell you all about it.

Sharon is one of the best photographers in the world of boudoir photography with a wonderful boudoir gallery on her website.

Her work includes:

  • black and white photography
  • plus size boudoir photography
  • boudoir ideas
  • boudoir wedding photography
  • boudoir poses and boudoir photography poses

“If I could create an experience for women to feel beautiful, sexy, sensual and valued I would, but I don’t have to because it already exists in boudoir photography.” – Sharon Simpson

Her work includes some amazing boudoir images.

You can follow Sharon here Twitter

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