Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Children and Divorce

Claire O Finn
Claire O’ Flinn is a consultant in Keystone Law’s Family team

While the world focuses on whether the Pitt / Jolie divorce means that Team Jen actually won there are six children that should be the focus of our attention.

Is it possible to focus on the well-being of children when the parents’ story is all anyone is interested in?  Absolutely.

A child centred approach to separation and divorce should be adopted from the very beginning. A divorce “for the health of the family” is what Jolie is quoted as having said. Pitt is focused on “the well-being of the children”.  But is it really?

The Jolie-Pitt divorce looks set to be highly acrimonious with Jolie apparently already seeking that the court grant her “custody” and grant Pitt only “visitation” rights.  They have shot straight to the nuclear button. By contrast, the Paltrow – Martin “conscious uncoupling” divorce which was finalised in July 2016 was to all intents and purposes a very amicable divorce.

The pair still holiday together with their children and apparently have brunches together at the weekends. They continue to refer to themselves as being in a family unit despite the parents not being in a romantic relationship.

With the right representation and advice from experienced family solicitors even the most acrimonious separation can be managed in a child centred way to ensure the best interests of the child are at the forefront of the issue.”

About Claire

Claire O’ Flinn is a consultant in Keystone Law’s Family team.

She is a highly experienced family solicitor who has specific expertise in resolving complex financial consequences of relationship breakdown whether based in this country or internationally.

Claire has particular experience in advising on private children issues; she advises on contact and residence disputes issues including the making and defending applications to remove children from the jurisdiction.

Above all, Claire is committed to helping couples part with dignity and to minimise the impact on the family. Claire provides clients with practical advice and workable solutions.  She is a trained collaborative lawyer and also a contributor to published family law journals.

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