Prenuptial Agreements: The Tabloids vs Reality

‘Judges say they will ignore pre-nups unless couple are rich,’ reads a recent tabloid headline, before stating that the majority of spouses who sign prenuptial agreements are wasting their time, since only the very wealthy can expect their wishes to be honoured.

Who will look after my children if I pass?

These days, most parents have a very good chance of living until their children reach the age of 18 (and, indeed, well beyond). Sadly, however, there are never any guarantees. This means that all parents need to think about what will happen

Nearly One in Three Believe Prenups Show Mistrust

Almost a third of Britons would refuse to get a prenup, arguing they ‘show a lack of trust’, research suggests. A survey by Graysons Solicitors found that 30.6% did not agree with getting a prenup before marriage, citing issues of trust, while a further

Civil Partnerships – A Step in the Right Direction?

In the wake of a Supreme Court ruling in June, heterosexual couples will now be given the chance to form civil partnerships. The new legislation, which follows the tireless campaign efforts of Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, aims to address a deep-rooted

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