10 Signs of Parental Alienation

parental alienation

10 Signs of Parental Alienation

“You don’t want to turn this over to the courts. You don’t want to go in there and file a motion and turn the destiny of your family over to a stranger. You want to work this out yourselves if you can.”Dr Phil

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The child is programmed to believe that her/his other parent is: worthless, selfish, unloving, malevolent, undeserving, and dangerous, etc.

The effective result is that the children become convinced they will be happier, healthier, and better adjusted if their targeted parent is eradicated from their lives.

Some examples of the denigrating behaviour are listed below:

1)  Sabotaging and interfering with visits or not permitting visits at all.

2)  Depriving the targeted parent of important information about the child, including but not limited to medical, educational, and social activities.

3)  Not informing and excluding the targeted parent from the child’s activities, parent/teacher conferences, birthdays, religious events, graduations, etc.

4)  Programming the child against the targeted parent by belittling, criticizing, and deprecating the targeted parent in the child’s presence.

5)  Removing the targeted pictures of the targeted parent from the child’s awareness.

6)  Interference with and not being supportive of contact between the targeted parent and the child. This contact includes the telephone, text messaging, e-mailing, skype, or other methods.

7)  Making unilateral decisions in major areas regarding the child.

8)  Verbally and physically abusing the targeted parent by the child and/or alienating parent.

9)  Defying the targeted parent’s supervision and authority.

10)  Rejection of the targeted parent’s gifts, cards, vacations, and other offers of help.

by Linda Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW

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