Shelley Whitehead

Moving on after divorce or separation


Shelley Whitehead is a Relationship Coach, an international speaker and author, who works with individuals and groups of Single, Divorced and Bereaved men and women who are ready to embrace love the second time around.  She is known for getting them on a date in 28 days and helping heal broken hearts

Having first hand knowledge in dealing with the loss of her first husband and the ending of her second marriage, she well knows what it takes to rebuild one’s life.  Shelley created and successfully implemented a programme that utilises her skills as a coach and has helped her international clientele find love again and live meaningful lives.

Her program ‘How To Get A Date In 28 Days” is a four-week process that will fundamentally change the  way her clients approach love and will leave them feeling authentic, confident and reconnected to the life they have always dreamed of.  They are well equipped with the tools to deal with relationship challenges.

 Shelley lives in London

For more information and to book your first session with Shelley Whitehead, please call +44 7983 633 142

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