Marriage or Civil Partnership? What’s the Difference?

Head of Family at Kuits, Katie McCann, comments on the recent news that a heterosexual couple have lost their Court of Appeal battle to enter into a civil partnership. This week, Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan lost their battle to legalise civil

Prenuptial Agreements: The Tabloids vs Reality

‘Judges say they will ignore pre-nups unless couple are rich,’ reads a recent tabloid headline, before stating that the majority of spouses who sign prenuptial agreements are wasting their time, since only the very wealthy can expect their wishes to be honoured.

How, Why and What is a Prenup?

When anyone gets married, they truly hope it will last forever; however unfortunately this isn’t always the case. With 42% of marriages in the UK now ending in divorce, people are extremely keen to take a sensible approach by planning what should

Grandparent Rights in UK

When parents get divorced, they are encouraged to sort out arrangements for any children between themselves, so that things can remain as amicable as possible. The best interests of the children should be the focal consideration and both parents should continue to