What to do when your Spouse Leaves you.

“I’m leaving.” “I want out of this marriage.” “We both know this isn’t working (but you didn’t know!). I’m moving out.” “I want you out of the house. I don’t want to be married to you anymore.” It’s devastating when your spouse

Stop Obsessing Over your Ex! Help is here!

As a divorce coach, one of the most common refrain I hear from clients deals with the ex. The thoughts, the memories, their current actions—dwelling on these things makes it very difficult to move on. And all these thoughts can creep up on

How to Deal with Jealousy after Divorce

You know that feeling—some of us know it all too well during and after divorce. When one of your children, after spending the weekend with your ex, tells you about the “new friend” that is at the ex’s house. The “friend” that