Divorce Advice – Your Question Answered

This is the first of a list of questions that we have for Ann Corrigan of Clarity Family Law. There will be more to follow so keep a good look out. If you would like a question answered then do contact us


What Mortgage Can I Afford?

 Mortgage Capacity Assessment – Helping to Negotiate the right divorce Settlement. Recently a friend of mine who is currently going through a divorce came to me with a problem. She had done everything right so far; she had sought advice from a

How to Reduce the Cost of Divorce

With over 40% of current marriages expected to end in divorce, most of us have or will experience the negative emotional and financial effects of divorce. Family law solicitor and divorce expert, Sheata Karim, offers some insider tips on how to reduce

Children Deal with Divorce Differently

We all know and understand that each child is different and how he or she handles divorce will be unique to them.  Yet we are also probably aware that the reaction that they have will also depend on their age or developmental stage.

Coping with Divorce – a Grief Observed

This article may help family mediators and parents to recognise and manage loss and change. This involves understanding that when you separate you are likely to experience feelings of loss, your feelings can be unpredictable and it can seem like you are

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