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Hi, I am Natasha and I am a single Mum of two beautiful hearted children. I am a positive thinker, a divorce mentor and Reiki Practitioner. I have of course been a Wife, as well as a company director and high-end overseas sales/marketing exec, I have worked with critically ill people. I am an explorer, traveller and adventurer.

I also write a blog called Divorce Goddess


  1. Thank you Natasha for your reply. I apologise that I have only just found it.
    I agree that where a couple have mutually decided to divorce, it should be non confrontational. But then, I feel, that begs the question of what did they actually commit to when getting married? Marriage is about sticking it out through thick and thin. Being there for the other even in the tough times. I think making divorce easy means that people are free to marry without really thinking it through.
    Marriage should mean complete commitment til death do us part as the vows decree. If you don’t want that commitment, then don’t get married. IF you DO and the other person let’s you down, then they should not be allowed the easy way out that they currently have.
    If someone is in a marriage where they are being tormented or mistreated then they MUST be given an easy way to end that marriage without them paying the price of divorce. The guilty party should pay (though it seems, rarely does!).
    And the same should be so when (usually, but not always, middle aged men) decide that they are bored with marriage. If they want to inflict divorce on their family, then it should be them, not their spouse and their family, who pays the price. They should have to walk out the marriage taking nothing more than the clothes they stand up in and their wits with them.
    I therefore still hold that to be advocating making divorce easier for anyone who has not been in some way abused by their partner, is immoral.

  2. Below is Natasha’s response

    Dear Anne-Marie

    Thank you for your comment and your thoughts on the proposed change of law.

    I believe the laws surrounding marriage in this country need to be looked at to take into account the very many changing aspects of the modern day marriage. The issue of a blameless divorce is not about making it easier for people to behave as they want – for many they will behave as they wish irrespective of this proposed change, but simply for those who have fallen out of love to not be punished for this.

    I hope you are able to find a way that is best for you through this distressing time.

    Warm wishes

  3. I am incensed that you are advocating blame free divorce when there are much more important issues:

    My marriage has broken down because my 50 year old husband of 26 years who I have known since my first three weeks at university has decided he is gay.

    In order to get a financial settlement it seems that I have to divorce him. Firstly I do not believe in divorce and secondly I do not want to leave him free to marry his 25 year old boyfriend (our children are 23 and 21) without having to think about it and take time over it – not simply responding to the romance of the ‘honeymoon period’.

    If I do divorce him, because he is gay, his infidelity does not count as adultery! Why is that gays can marry, but cannot commit adultery?

    The law is an ass – but there are more important things to address than encouraging family breakdown with blameless divorce!

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