Lillian Ogbogoh

Dating after divorce
Lillian Ogbogoh
The Goddess Creator

I’m Lillian Ogbogoh my work and passion in this life is empowering women.

As the Mojo Specialist I enjoy guiding women to redefine their self-relationships to show up as their audacious, powerful, and passionate selves moving past overwhelm, overthinking and giving up  burn out as their default  mode.

My work has led me to speak both internationally as well as locally in the UK; I have spoken In Europe and the Cayman Islands. 

Along my journey I decided to become a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner to master the inner workings of my own mind and then helping others to master who they are.

Since childhood I’ve loved the power of stories and how they transform the characters from lost souls to heroes which led me to becoming a masterful transformational storyteller using mythologies to assist my client disperse the stories in their lives that are no longer true for them.

I use this story telling ability to lecture for a London based college where I teach various topics from “Using NLP for effective Goal -setting and life-planning” to “Assertiveness in the workplace for women. “

I’m also a graduate with a degree in International Relations and combined studies which allowed me to explore how we interact on a national and international level between Nations states. As well as a  radio chat show host of a show called Waking Passions;  where I get to interview amazing people on various  journeys in their lives which  they have dedicated to changing the experience and life of others.

Love, Unbridled Joy and Brilliance,

Lillian Ogbogoh
The Goddess Creator


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