Life after Divorce

Kate Butler
Speaker, Facilitator

Kate lives in Gloucestershire with her family.

An eventful life with a list of crises that include bullying, divorce, bereavement, bankruptcy, depression, natural disasters and a catastrophic economic recession have left Kate with a unique outlook on life. Without denying the extent of the challenges she has faced, Kate nevertheless embraces adversity for the strength it has left her with.

Kate is deeply compassionate and is enthusiastic about every client she has worked with. Rather than casting herself as a guru or expert, Kate leads with empathy and by asking people to look within and acknowledge their dreams, she achieves far more than a coach with a prescribed approach.

Kate has been in training and mentoring roles throughout her life and decided to qualify as an Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and Time Line Therapist (TLT)™ and to learn hypnosis in order to offer a wide variety of techniques for her clients to utilise.

Kate Butler:  Speaker – Facilitator – Mentor

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