Going through Divorce without a Lawyer

As a family lawyer one question I have been asked many times over the years is ‘can I deal with the divorce proceedings myself?’ The answer to this question is of course yes. Anyone who has sufficient time, a brief background of the process

What Can Brexit Teach Us About Divorce?

If you’re currently going through a divorce, you’re not alone. The entire population of the UK and the rest of the EU are going through the same thing. With a divorce bill and even divorce papers, Brexit is often talked about in

How the Divorce Process Works

Did you know that getting divorced, separating finances and making arrangements for children are actually separate legal processes? If not, then you’ll want to know how it all fits together and which steps to take when. The team over at MyLegalAdviser has

A Guide to Fathers Rights in Divorce

When it comes to fathers and divorce situations, there seems to be two common narratives. One is the “feckless father” who disappears and leaves the unfortunate mother to manage as best as she can without any support (financial or otherwise from the

Marriage: A Partnership of Equals?

In 2006 the House of Lords introduced the equal sharing principle in the joint appeal of Miller -v- Miller; MacFarlane -v- MacFarlane. The Court described marriage as being a “partnership of equals”. The consequence of this has been that the sharing principle

The Complex and Forever Changing Face of Family Law

In March 2017, a divorce case hit the national headlines because the courts refused to grant a divorce to a wife because the husband’s behaviour wasn’t deemed ‘unreasonable’ enough to grant a divorce petition. This decision has left a wife trapped in

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