Who gets what in a divorce settlement?

One gets what is necessary to meet ones needs in the vast majority of cases. It is that simple. Therein lies the shortest and most straightforward lawyer’s answer perhaps in legal history. The matter becomes more technical when people differ on what

Is my business a matrimonial asset?

While not always the case, in the event of a divorce it is common for a business asset – whether it is a private company, sole trader, interest in a company or shares in a limited company – to be considered part

What are the grounds for divorce in the United States

While the grounds, or legal reasons, for divorce vary from state to state, this article will explain common grounds for divorce and the difference between no-fault and at-fault grounds for divorce from the office of a noted divorce mediation attorney in Philadelphia.

Key considerations before filing for divorce  

Filing for divorce is one of the most difficult life-changing decisions in a person’s lifetime and one which many spouses are understandably reticent to embark upon. Various studies over the years have shown that divorce rates peak at key periods such as

Why are more divorcing couples hiring a ‘Private Judge’?

A private court hearing where separating couples hire a ‘Private Judge’ to accelerate the outcome of their financial settlements is becoming the way forward for more people undergoing divorce. The process, called Family Law Arbitration, can avoid a prolonged, expensive and a

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