How to Prepare for Divorce – The Practical Side

For some, the more organised amongst us, practical preparation for divorce will be an easy task. Organised folders full of clearly labelled documents and all the information and paperwork required for divorce proceeding is easily accessible. For others, perhaps the majority, bank


In the third and final article in the series, rb’s Family team consider the cost of divorce and critically how to avoid that expense.  You can find article one and article two here Every divorce lawyer knows that ultimately every client of

What Happens in a Divorce after a Brain Injury?

The pressure put on families when one of them suffers a brain injury is enormous; people’s characters can become drastically altered, and the strain of caring for an injured loved one is sometimes too much to bear. Understanding how the courts deal

How much does it Cost to get a Divorce?

Here’s a very informative infographic on the cost of divorce, kindly contributed to The Divorce Magazine by Barlow Robbins Solicitors. Covering such issues as: On average, how much does a UK couple spend on a divorce? What are the 3 stages of