5 Tips For A Stress-Free Vacation Post-Divorce

Has anyone ever told you that they needed a vacation after coming home from their vacation? You may think they’re crazy, but statistically, they’re right. In 2010, the Applied Research in Quality of Life journal surveyed 1,500 participants on their happiness before

What is Guardianship of a Child?

The rights and needs of children are of paramount importance in the eyes of the law. One way of offering them a voice during legal proceedings is through the appointment of a guardian ad litem. Generally, a guardian will be assigned to

What are the Effects of Divorce on Children

Every divorce presents a turning point in a child’s life no matter the age. The world as they know it changes and becomes another place that, temporarily or otherwise, is perceived as unstable, uncertain and even ugly. For the parents, the bottom

Divorce Mediation: A Prototype for Positive Co-Parenting

For many, the word “divorce” suggests images of angry interactions, family fractures, exorbitant attorney fees, and months if not years of court battles. Sadly, these images are realities for couples involved in divorce litigation. Statistics show that divorcing couples typically lose a

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