Can I Be Forced to Vaccinate My Child?

Vaccinations have been a controversial topic for some time and disputes over the merits of vaccinating children have garnered much media attention. Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, these are likely to become much more prominent over the next year, especially since the

20 ways to “WIN” at co-parenting

Let’s be realistic, being a divorcee has its challenges.  Finances, transitions, future significant others, custody schedules, the list goes on and on.  But if you focus on what we CAN do to “WIN” at being a co-parent, the typical challenges become less

Children of Divorce During Coronavirus Time

What impact does self isolation have upon contact between a child and an absent parent? This question has been at the forefront of separated parents’ minds ever since the ‘lockdown’, and more so since one Government Minister sent out conflicting messages. Thankfully

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