Which Articles for The Divorce Magazine Readers?

As we continue to cater to our readers by providing them with help, support and advice from you, our professional contributors, we have taken the time to gather a list of topics which they would like to help in.

These we have gathered from various sources including, keyword searches, forums and enquiries that we have received directly.

This way, they get exactly what they need and you get even more exposure and readership.

The articles you submit from this list can be anywhere from a couple of lines (where a definitions is required for instance) to 1500 words.

If we don’t have your biography or photo yet, please do attach with your submission.

There are four sections:

  • Family solicitors and family mediators
  • Independent Financial Planners
  • Other Divorce Professionals including coaches, psychologists, psychotherapists etc
  • Divorce Stories

From Solicitors and Family Mediators

  • Will my spousal visa be affected now that I am going through divorce?
  • My ex won’t provide Cash Equivalent Transfer Value?

  • Dealing with fabricated grounds for divorce
  • Support for those embarking on the divorce process
  • Embarking on a divorce and I’ve worked away for a long time now does that constitute to “live apart for a continuous period of a least five years”
  • What are the grounds for divorce for same sex couples?
  • What is ancillary relief?
  • How do you divorce someone who doesn’t want a divorce?
  • Form E – can I share findings with Child Maintenance Service?
  • Grandparents visitation rights
  • Can I get Legal aid for my divorce?
  • Preparing for divorce – That form E
  • I cannot afford a solicitor, what other options do I have?
  • My partner says I don’t have parental responsibility, what does that mean?
  • What exactly is shared custody?  Does it mean 50/50?
  • What assets are included in divorce settlements?
  • How do I know how much child support to pay?
  • Can I be punished for breaching child arrangement order?
  • Mesher order, what you need to know
  • What is temporary custody?
  • What is a contested and an uncontested divorce?
  • What is a non-molestation order?
  • When can I try mediation for divorce?
  • What is a MIAMS?
  • Can I protect my pension – Pension sharing order, will she get it?
  • Can I stop my ex’s parents picking up my child?
  • How long before starting a divorce?

From Financial Planners – Divorce/Separation

  • Divorce – financial planning
  • Can I protect my pension?
  • Can I protect my pension – Pension sharing order, will she get it?
  • Pension sharing in divorce/separation
  • Can I get a mortgage now that I am divorced?
  • Certified divorce financial analyst and how can they help?

From other Divorce Professionals

  • I want a divorce..but I’m not sure…
  • Support for those embarking on the divorce process
  • I left my very abusive ex,  now my child is behaving almost the same
  • I’m told I need to know what I did wrong in my marriage, before embarking on a new relationship how do I do that?
  • I’m dating again after divorce/separation but I am afraid of making the same mistake twice
  • Is divorce counselling worth it?
  • It’s been 6 years and I am still struggling with my divorce/separation – divorce recovery
  • Dating after divorce – where do I start?
  • When your self-esteem and self-confidence is gone with the divorce/separation
  • Coping with my emotions
  • Please help me cope with my break-up
  • Children coping with divorce
  • My child’s behaviour has changed since the divorce, what do I do?
  • Struggling with my parenting plan
  • How to deal with unwanted divorce – I don’t want this divorce
  • How to get over a divorce emotionally
  • Healing after divorce
  • Are divorce retreats worth it?
  • I just cannot get over the affair
  • My partner is very abusive but I am scared to leave
  • When children the children are away
  • I regret divorcing/separating?
  • Advice on separation
  • I’m can’t accept decision on divorce
  • Shared care. Could it work?

From Personal Perspectives – Your Divorce Stories and Experiences

We are always looking for stories about people’s personal journeys through divorce and separation.  These have proven to be big readers for our visitors so they must be helping someone somewhere.