How a no Court Divorce Benefits the Children

Women and Divorce

Wendi Schuller
Author of
The Woman’s Holistic Guide to Divorce

Wendi Schuller, author of The Woman Holistic Guide to Divorce and one of our very regular contributors on The Divorce Magazine, recently appeared as a guest on a radio station in California.

no Court Divorce

She shares her experience of divorce and how she managed to cope with divorce and move on from this experience.

Why did she move from regular solicitors and onto collaborative divorce?

Do your research on what type of divorce you want and then go down that way, Wendi advises.  If you can, do consider having a no court divorce during your divorce process or when filing for divorce as it has great benefits for children of divorce and may indeed reduce any negative effects of divorce on children.

Wendi Schuller takes The Divorce Magazine to California!

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