Liz Storton

Liz Storton
Youth Coach

Liz specialises in working with teenagers and their families. She has been working in this field for over eight years and has worked with some of the most disengaged, angry and disillusioned young people in the country. She believes that whatever circumstances a child or family is in, there is always a solution and always hope and fearlessly treads where others dare to venture. She is known for her courage, down to earth style and tenacity to achieve results.

She has personal experience of the challenges divorce can bring into the home and most of her clients come from broken homes. This can be a testing time for all involved and she helps families manage the transition with ease, dignity and a lot less stress.

She specialises in dealing with family change, from a teenager’s point of view, and with the anger and frustrations that it can bring.  She works with families to create calm in what can be a volatile situation to reconnect everyone in a way that supports the teenager and ensures a successful future.

Liz works utilises Skype or telephone and by arrangement, face to face in London. She can be called or emailed to arrange a complimentary initial strategy setting session.

 Liz Storton – Youth Coach

Tel: 0845 4563915


Find her on facebook – YouthcoachLizSorton

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