Livia Nemeth

Livia is the founder of PelFix®
Livia is the founder of PelFix®

Livia Nemeth is a biologist with an MSc in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, extensively educated in human anatomy and physiology. Throughout her career she has worked in research, government and medical laboratory settings.

After graduating, Livia went on to study the functional anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor education. She gained a diploma in Pelvic Floor Education for Primary & Secondary Prevention and Self-Rehabilitation. Since then, Livia has helped many men and women regain their confidence and healthy self-esteem.

Livia is the founder of PelFix®, a unique exercise teaching and health education system.

For more information contact please contact Livia.

m: 07708 942001

Twitter: @pelvicfitness

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