Jungle Diva

What Divorce Taught Me about "Me”
Jungle Diva

There are many definitions for a “diva”.

My own definition of a Diva is: ”Any woman, girl or lady who has a clear picture of what they want in life and goes for it.

A person who never tires of trying; never scared to take a risk; never ashamed to stand up for what she believes in; never afraid to speak up for the weak; never intimidated; never embarrassed to admit their weaknesses; accepts that they don’t know it all, but not scared to try things their way; gracefully and patiently explains her point without loosing her temper or having to shout; has empathy towards women, children and less fortunate; has not lost their humanity; are hardworking and always think of others; a person who loves themselves and still have so much love for everyone else; can afford to smile and isn’t afraid to cry; a woman who embraces her femininity with confidence and love; accepts herself as she is; and appreciates her own uniqueness!”

The planet we live in is a Jungle. With the right attitude and mindset, we women, girls and human beings in general can have a very fulfilling life together!

My love for all people, passion to share this with others, passion to do good at all times, strive for equality between all genders, race and religion, but most importantly my deepest urge and hope to help make this planet a safe place for women, girls and children gives me a reason to stand for what I believe in without loosing myself in the process.

I am an open book, always willing to share and learn from and with other women. Sharing makes us human. I hope my small thoughts and writings will mean something at least to one person out there.

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