7 Deadly Sins and Those Gremlins

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Dating, Flirting and Some


Dating Flirting


The Goddess Creator – Lillian Ogbogoh

The Goddess Creator

Lillian Ogbogoh

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Unfortunately this recording is no longer available


 – Do you often think, “I am not enough?”

-Do you constantly compare yourself to others around you?

– Are you wearing the cloak of invisibility?

Lillian Ogbogoh is the transformational storyteller using stories to create change, in who we think we are, working on whose story are we telling ourselves as we go through each stage of our lives.

She’s also a Goddess  who is passionate about women rediscovering their feminine essences and falling back in love with the most important person in their lives, themselves going from the day-to-day of “doing” and getting us back to the divine beings of filled with magic, juiciness, Sensuality, bringing forth their true desires and pleasures as we were originally designed.

She helps women find and nurture the goddesses within, re-claiming our femininity, and celebrating our feminine gifts rather than hiding them under a bushel – and using them everywhere we go from the home to boardroom.

She’s considered the ultimate matchmaker and birthing goddess as she introduces women to the highest version of who they are as we undergo a journey to birth the goddess within.

Lillian Ogbogoh

T:+44(0) 7966 621 301



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