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Divorce topic of the month:

If you are a divorce professional with expertise in matters to do with divorce and finances, then we would like to hear from you.

This will include things such as divorce/financial settlements, the cost of getting a divorce, agreements post-divorce etc.

    1. How should finances be split in a divorce?
    2. What happens to finances in a divorce?
    3. Do finances have to be settled before a divorce?
    4. Do I have to disclose my finances in a divorce?
    5. What am I entitled to if I divorce my husband/wife?
    6. What is a financial order?
    7. Divorces without a financial settlement

Submitting articles to The Divorce Magazine is really straightforward and simple but first:

In order for us to retain our reputation as a trusted and reliable website, we only accept articles authored by divorce professionals e.g. family or divorce lawyers, life coaches, psychologists, doctors, family mediators etc or those written from personal experience.

All published articles go into your permanent author archive with links to and from it. This means that once it’s published, we can make amendments but we cannot delete or remove it.

submissionsRemember to attach:

  • Article
  • Your Bio
  • Profile Photo



Have a read through the usual the Publishing Guidelines and  Terms and Conditions

Then send your article to as a word document attachment or part of the email.  If you do include any images, please make sure you have permission to use them.

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