Divorce Reforms Have Been Somewhat Misleading

The recent articles in the press over the divorce reforms have been somewhat misleading. This reform is not something the government is pushing through quickly and quietly whilst we are in the middle of a pandemic. The legislation was actually one of

Civil Partnerships – A Step in the Right Direction?

In the wake of a Supreme Court ruling in June, heterosexual couples will now be given the chance to form civil partnerships. The new legislation, which follows the tireless campaign efforts of Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, aims to address a deep-rooted

Why No-Fault Divorce Would be Good for Families

For several years now, those of us that work with people that are divorcing their spouse have felt that the need to apportion blame under is both unnecessary and harmful. We have all petitioned the government accordingly and this, coupled with the

Divorce by Job Description or Love Actually?

Recent Swedish research  (published by The Royal Society) has come up with some ideas about why their neighbours in Denmark divorce by mapping what people do for a living with the chances of divorce. Why exactly they wanted to look at this relatively small sample

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