How to Get Approved for a Mortgage Post Divorce

In this interview with financial advisor Sheila Bailey of Willow Private Finance – in my role as the Suzy Miller of Alternative Divorce Guide  asked Sheila how to get approved for a mortgage post divorce. “Are the new mortgage rules going to make life even harder for separating families,


Income and Divorce

Aviva’s Winter 2013 report explores the growing diversity among UK families fuelled by trends in cohabitation, separation/divorce and remarriage. Past relationships are teaching families valuable lessons about managing money yet Aviva’s latest Family Finances Report also paints a worrying picture of unprotected

How to Reduce the Cost of Divorce

With over 40% of current marriages expected to end in divorce, most of us have or will experience the negative emotional and financial effects of divorce. Family law solicitor and divorce expert, Sheata Karim, offers some insider tips on how to reduce